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    Premiere Elementsで多重起動


      AfterEffectではコマンド引数に -m を追加して多重起動ができるようですが、

      Premiere Elementsでは多重起動できるオプションはないでしょうか?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Your question is not understood.


          What do you want to do with Premiere Elements - have more than one install on the same computer and run the multiple installs all at one time? That cannot be done.


          There is no information that we can offer for scripting in Premiere Elements.


          If your question involved batch exporting from Premiere Elements, Premiere Elements does not offer batch exporting, and I have not seen reports to make this happen?


          You cannot edit the Timeline video while the video is being exported.


          I have tried to cover all the areas that you might have been referring to.


          Please consider and clarify.


          Thank you.