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    Premiere Elementsで多重起動


      AfterEffectsではコマンド引数に -m を追加して多重起動ができるようですが、

      Premiere Elementsでは多重起動できるオプションはないでしょうか?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This thread is a duplicate of the one that you posted a short time ago tonight.

          Premiere Elementsで多重起動


          I have replied to the original thread and was hoping for clarification on it since the question was not understood.

          Please look at the other thread.


          Please do not duplicate thread since that is confusing to you and the people who want to help.

          A moderator typically closes or deletes the duplicate.


          We will be looking forward to your follow up in your original thread whose link is above.


          Thank you.