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    Making a form for multiple signatures on Mobile devices (Various)


      Hi All,


      I r a noob, might as well get that out of the way.


      I am creating forms for my clients in Adobe Acrobat DC 2015, for the life of me I cant get a straight answer from Adobe customer service on this and this is really important to me and my small business.


      I want the form to have the ability to be signed by multiple people from one device, say a tablet (could be android or iPad) or a smart phone same story so that people can add their name in a workparty and sign their attendance as having been there.


      I can add the two types of signature fields, I have added the form fields and can digitally sign on a laptop, but on a mobile device cant get it to work like the brochure says it can.  Like signing with a "scribble signature" from live cycle?  ie to freehand my signature on a mobile device when I click or tap the signature field.


      Please, any help advice, links to threads or other info I can learn to do this walk throughts appreciated.


      I have tried to ask Adobe and have tried the self help.  I don't want any third party software to achieve the result.


      Many thanks