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    Using Flash CC 2015 assets in Flex

    pctechtv Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to follow this tutorial to learn how to use Flash animations in Flex projects. I am using Flash Builder 4.6 and Flash Professional CC 2105. I come to a part in the tutorial where they tell you to use Command -> Convert Symbol To Flex Component, this is no longer in the menu. So I have looked for a work around but have not found anything. When I try exporting just a SWC file the file compared with the finished project is not even close. I have posted a screen shot here if anybody wants to take a look (note: this is the catalog.xml file of the extracted SWC). Does anybody know of a work-around for this? If you read more in the document, it says you should have a FlexComponentBase in the Library of Flash Professional before exporting the SWC. It seems that this would be generated for you when you use the command above. I choose Get more commands from the menu, but will not work. It sends me to download a I tried to download this from here but it keeps telling me that I can't install because I need Flash 10 or greater, this is silly because I am using Flash version 19. Is there any work around for this? Thanks