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    Ran into an issue with custom print size


      I was just trying to produce an output file in the print module. I wanted to produce a file with a single image of 20"x30" @ 300 dpi. When I go into create a custom file dimension and go to type in the lengths I receive an error message that the number must be between 4.00" and 100.00". It is, but it keeps reverting back to 4.00". I have even tried to use the arrows over the numbers to increase or decrease the lengths and I can get it to change somewhat, but by huge and inconsistent increments and values. I finally got it to work by selecting draft mode printing...then changing the numbers and then deselecting the draft mode box. I am running Lightroom 2015.2.1 on a beefy Windows 10 machine. Has anyone else come across this?


      BTW this is my first posting here ..... that I can remember.