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    RoboHelp Version Compatibility

      Hello everybody from Greece,

      I want to ask about version compatibility. I've got RoboHelp HTML 5.0.2 and my client has RoboHelp HTML 3.1. He asks if I can compile his project, but I wnt to know if he will be able to work with the project that I will work with in version 5.0.2.

      Is there a way to save the project to an older version?
      Is there a compatibility problem in general?
      Is there going to be a problem if I compile the project in the newer version? (Will he see any differences?)

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Tansou and υποδοχή,

          You should be able to open up the X3.1 in X5.02 without a problem. X5 will preserve all the feature used in X3.1. Are you compiling HTML Help? My guess is that you won't see any difference in the output when you compile.

          However, the problem comes when you try and do this the other way around. Robohelp is not backward compatible. So you won't be able to pass a modified project back to your client. Rick the robowizard has a few tricks to help with backward compatibility if you don't mind going under the hood. However, not sure if this works with X3.1 jumping to X3.1.

          What type of output are you generating?

          Hope that helps
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            Tansou Level 1
            Hi Craig,

            Thanks for your help. That answers my question. We are generating HTML Help, but our client will need the project files back to work with. So if we manipulate them in a newer version, they will have a problem.
            I guess going under the hood is not the best solution for us right now, as there is no free time for my team to see into this.
            But thanks for proposing that anyway.

            (By the way, are you studying Greek or something? That's for the "υποδοχή" word in your greeting. Or is it just a pre-written word?)

            Thanks again for helping Craig.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi there Tasos

              Another way to achieve moving projects from newer to older versions is to use the ProjectName.HHP to open the project in the older version. RoboHelp should then simply rebuild the .MPJ as needed.

              Just a thought... Rick