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    Recently moved from Mac to Windows and 3D camera tracker seems to be stuck at 'Solving Camera'. CC2015.


      So I recently moved from a Macbook Pro to a Windows workstation and moved a project I was working on. As many projects go, some shots changed and whenever I'm trying to 3D camera track the new shots, it's stuck at 'Solving Camera'. This happened last night and I just stopped it and used the old track data (cheated it basically) but today another new shot has come in and it's a 233 frame shot and it's stuck at 'Solving' for more than half an hour.


      System specification:

      AMD 8320 3.5Ghz 8 Cores

      16GB RAM

      Nvidia Geforce 960 4GB

      256GB SSD (system + softwares)

      3TB Barracuda HDD (projects/rushes/exports etc)

      After Effects CC2015 (


      Any idea what's going on? I took the shot back to my MBP and it tracked it alright and imported the project in to my current project.