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    Feature Request : Apply rating (or flaging or colorlabeling) at once to all photos within a collapsed StackS, by holding a key..


      Feature Request :


      Apply rating  (or flagging or color-labeling)   at once all photos within of a collapsed Stack (not having to unfold it first),

      for instance this rendered enabled by simultaneously holding down a key wile rating.


      For instance :  select a coverphoto of a closed stack of images (possibly all different color lables and ratings within), hit s+1, and it would keep their individual colors but set them "back" all to the same 1 star rating, etc. - without having to be confronted to have to see them all first.)


      Also to consider is that one might legitimately  want to to select a multiple of collapsed Stacks, or a mix of some collapsed stacks with amongst some photos that do not have virtual copies, and label them, for instance, select those targeted and by one-time hitting 7 have them all Yellow labeled (not having to go and open (and lable) all each stacks individually.


      ( I now know (took some time ;-)   that a stack can be un-stacked  AND  "photos within be all selected" (for rating to affect all)   if  "Maj"  is hold wile mouse-clicking  on the stack-icon.

      (wile without holding "Maj", then stack will unfolding (as with simply shortcut "S" on a selected stack), but then only the top-photo of the stack remains selected. But this is not ideal for my wish, and it requires the mouse.to hit precisely the small icon istead of just simply select the 'top-photo' of the stack.)