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    Adobe After Effects No Video


      Hello! I am having a very big problem with AE and it is driving me crazy. I've tried several times exporting my finished project to the desktop, but the video does not show up. Theese are my exact settings: Quality-Best Resolution-Full Size-1920 x 1080, Use No proxies, effects-current settings, Disk cache-ReadOnly, Color Depth-Current Settings, Frame Blending-On for checked layers, Field Render-off, Pulldown-Off, Motion Blur-On for checked layers. And then the frame rat 29.97(comp) Guide layers-All off, Time span Custom. My Output settings: Format-quick time Output Info-H.264 Include Project link. Channels RGB Depth-Millions of colors,Color: Premultiplied, Final size 1920 by 1080. Please help me! When I open the exported rendered video there is ONLY audio.