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    Adobe LIgthRoom with my password.  It comes back and asks for my telephone number which i have entered at least six times.  Either help me or i will be forced to ask for my money back because i do not have the time to sign in as under your specifications


      I purchased Lightroom in good faith.  I uploaded photo's in October 2015.  I found them on Lightroom.  The next time I accessed Light room the pictures disappeared.  I asked for technical support and received an answer with a computer link.   The link and all have disappeared from my computer email system.  I do not have the time due to the press of my professional life to spend more time than I have already.  I want to be contacted by a human being at 330-495-0695  or I will be forced to cancel my subscription and ask for my money to be returned.   My name is Stanley A. Greenwald.  Please provide more cooperation or credit my fee back to my American Express Account