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    Browse Sequence Pane not displayed

      I have a .chm file that i have integrated into a C++ program, the idea being that when i press F1 the help is displayed at the relevant topic. If i open the .chm file the browse sequence works fine, however if it is opened using the F1 key from within the application it does not work. I have copied and registered the hhactivex.dll so i know that this is not the problem. However if i click on the default topic on the contents page the browse sequence appears, and then stays visible on all pages navigated to after this. I have tried openning the default page first within the application and then open the correct topic but this does not work. The browse sequence only appears if i manually click on the default topic after the help has openned. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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          Hi and welcome to the forums.

          The only thought that comes to mind is that the developer is calling a specific window from F1 and that window doesn't have the browse sequence attached. Do you have more than one window defined?

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            I have been having the exact same problem for a couple of years, and my developer tried the exact same solution (call the Introduction topic, then call the correct topic for the F1). As Kathryn said, this does not work. Maybe by giving this topic a bump, someone will see it and propose a solution? Back in 2005, (Macromedia) support suggested I check the forums, and I did search, but did not post an inquiry.

            I do have more than one window defined, but I'm fairly sure only one is used (I inherited this huge project). You definitely get the same size help window either way (and those different definitions are different sizes). Thoughts?

            P.S. We are definitely installing and registering HHActiveX.DLL. I know that's a common omission.