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    InDesign CC2015 Interactive PDF - font, alignment, etc. not carrying forward, requires editing in Acrobat results in dramatic file size increases


      When creating an interactive PDF there are several items that must to edited in Acrobat because they won't carry forward from the InDesign file:

      • Font ie. Arial vs Times Roman (Times Roman is default in Acrobat)
      • Alignment ie. right align vs left (default is left in Acrobat)
      • Text box stroke (typically requires the addition of a border in Acrobat - work around is to redraw all boxes in InDesign and place under the text box)


      I could just live with these annoyances but by doing these edits in Acrobat the file sizes are increasing dramatically ie. one form increased from 200k to 1100k just by adding formatting in Acrobat.  I'm seeing this in multiple forms that require me to do style editing in Acrobat.  Saving as "reduced size PDF" has very minimal impact on the file size.  These forms are basic text with one graphic so I'm not adding media to the forms that would explain the jump in file size.


      Any help on any of the above, particularly the file size issue, would be greatly appreciated.