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    regex woes

      once upon a time i was the queen of sed i was nearly a master of regex in perl. However i was never able to translate that ability into coldfusion regular expressions. I can't explain it.

      However, that puts me in a spot when i have to format large blocks of text. So i have two problems:

      1) I didn't do TOO badly, however i cannot add to the following an apostrophe for the life of me...therefore my regex stops when it encounters a '
      (code sample for this regex attached)
      Here is the text for the first code sample
      "Assessment Grant
      $200,000 for hazardous substances
      MyOrg has selected the City of Metropolis for a silly assessment grant. Hazardous substances grant funds will be used to conduct about nine Phase I and five Phase II environmental site assessments in the city's Empowerment Zone. Grant funds also will be used to support community outreach activities."

      2) i'm stumped at how to translate a line that begins with * (or possibly tab star) into a valid unordered list. Any suggestions?
      (There is no code sample for this question)
      Text for second code sample:
      "The Pilot has:

      * Conducted seven discussion sessions between property owners, tenants, Metropolis City, Myagency, and the responsible party. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss the integration of the assessment and cleanup with future land use and redevelopment plans.

      The Pilot is:

      * Assisting property owners in assessing the affects of various remediation plans and development options on property values; and

      * Developing an Agreement in Principle between the property owners, the City and the responsible party, which will summarize individual contributions to support the integration of assessment and cleanup with redevelopment.

      Leveraging Other Activities

      Experience with the Metropolis Pilot has been a catalyst for related activities including the following.

      * Presenting land use plans to the City Council for review and public input which will demonstrate how brownfields assessment and cleanup fits into transportation system plans.

      * Documenting the agency process in order to demonstrate successful strategies that can be used by other communities."