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    Sort by capture time AND file name..?


      Hello folks!  Kind of a newbie Lightroom user after years of working with Apple's defunct Aperture.  I have to say I've grown to really like Lightroom's editing tools and speed compared to Aperture, however I find there are a few particular quirks about file handling/filtering/display are agonizingly dumb.


      My primary pet peeve is Lightroom's inability to display files in order by their capture time.  As I often shoot in drive mode, and my camera's metadata is only granular down to the second (apparently), Lightroom displays the photos by capture time, but mixes the order of photos taken within the same second (usually I shoot 3 FPS, so I have a lot of these sorts of errors).  Of course, I could always sort by file name, however since the file number resets at 10,000 exposures, eventually the numbers start over and the files aren't in chronological order.


      Aperture, on the other hand, never had any problem whatsoever sorting files by date; even though the capture time for photos taken drive mode are the same, it sorts by date properly every time.  I think this probably is because Aperture's sort function is based on date AND file name.


      Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Any idea how to put in a request for this feature from Adobe?



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          chrisrobo Level 1

          Figured I'd share the solution I ultimately came up with.


          Unfortunately, what I want isn't possible out of the box.  But I did find a rather good file re-naming scheme:


          Date - Time - Original File Name


          You can bulk re-name all of your files rather quickly, and then sort by file name.  Now your files will always display in the proper chronological order.


          I still think Adobe can do a much better job of providing its users a smart (or better yet, highly customizable) sorting function!  I find it surprising that the sort function is so primitive, given how powerful and flexible its filter function is.

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            I am also frustrated by this problem. When sorting burst by Capture Time, Lightroom puts files shot the same whole second out of order. I'm maintaining the serial file number from the camera. Sadly Lightroom isn't using it for the secondary criteria. I know that I could just sort by filename, but sometimes I shoot with two different camera bodies - which would result in them not "interleaving" properly.

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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              A number of people have complained about the improper capture-time ordering of photos when the camera doesn't insert fractional seconds in the EXIF data.  There is a specific feature request in the official Adobe feedback forum to use filename as the secondary sort criteria when sorting by capture time, but unfortunately I can't find it right now: Recently active topics in Photoshop Family about Photoshop Lightroom.


              I think the best workaround (other than getting a camera that records fractional seconds) is Chrirobo's suggestion of renaming your files:


              Date - Time - Original File Name

              and then sorting by filename.  This will handle switching between camera bodies.  It will just hiccup every time the camera numbering rolls over from 9999 back to 1.

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                billickc Level 1

                I see how that would work. However, I already have a system for file naming, and I'm not interested in renaming 31,000+ files. (stubborn choice, I acknowledge ). It just seems like Lightroom should be clever enough to have a secondary sort (filename!) when presented with multiple files taken the same whole second. As it is now, it seems pretty random. An example order for a single whole second: 5199, 5198, 5202, 5197, 5200, 5201. It feels like the files were shuffled like a deck of cards! They're not in size order either (0.3MB variance in file size in that burst). If it helps, the files are from a Sony a6000 (happens on my A7ii as well). Converting to DNG on import.

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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  I found a feature request in the official Adobe feedback forum asking to sort first by capture time then by filename, to handle cameras that still don't record fractional seconds: LIGHTROOM - Sort by capture time shows files in wrong order.  If you add your vote and detailed opinion to that topic, it will make it a little more likely Adobe might act on it.  (But they've made very few changes to the Library over the last few years.)


                  You should also complain to Sony that they should be recording fractional seconds in the EXIF metadata!

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                    chrisrobo Level 1

                    billickc, I understand your point of view; I myself was nervous about the daunting task of having to rename so many files.  Fortunately, Lightroom was able to rename 50,000 plus files for me in around 10 minutes; it did a great job consistently naming the files so that they automatically sort in chronological order, and Lightroom can always re-re-name the files back to their original name if you get nostalgic later


                    For me, it was a quick, easy, and reliable way to solve the problem.