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    Adobe Flash Player Online: Glitched Controls?

    tough9870 Level 1

      Hello there. I'm Anthony, but you could think of me by my profile name: tough9870. I adore Adobe Flash and what I could do with it, and I really like its performance ever since I started using the internet.


      But recently, I've encountered some sort of weird glitch of some sort, and that's when I use any control button to advance playback on Adobe. Normally, Adobe Flash is supposed to keep playing whether or not you press any input (as long as the flash player is supposed to play that way) but when I don't press anything, esp. in online playback, the player freezes unless I press an input, or it just crashes. Also, when I reload, the webpage crashes the first time, then reloads properly the second. This is noticeable in a flash game called Super Smash Flash 2, which includes online play. At first glance you'll probably gonna assume that it's just a bug in the game itself, but it is not. Many other players play the game fine while for me, I "lag" whenever I don't press an input, which is unpleasant for both players (lag meaning freeze the game). What's worse is that when I input an action, the button "sticks" so playback can be achieved properly. Since it sticks, it causes my player to hold down that action, resulting in a loss of flexibility. That's is extremely unpleasant, since switching to another button to stick as I press that button causes my player to act absurdly. Before you know it I'm gonna be mashing buttons as I watch my player kill itself simply by pressing right for less than a second.
      This isn't a problem only on my computer. The bug seems to either be on any Chrome browser, or the bug is present to specific users via the internet. I highly despise this, and I've been attempting to fix it for quite a bit. I don't know how the bug appeared, but I can't fix it. And I know that it can't be the flash game itself, cause many others play the game fluidly. Is there any possible solution to fixing this playback glitch?


      Also, if I posted this in the wrong forum, please notify me so I can post it to its proper forum. Thank you.