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    video not playing in 2nd monitor after installing video card...

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      i installed a new video card, asus geforce gtx970. i am on win7 pro 64 bit. PreEl10... everything worked fine before installing the card. What is happening is this. I have the main monitor with all the tools and timeline on right hand monitor and the premiere video monitor on the left monitor. inside the premiere monitor is white. the frame of the monitor is there but where the video plays is white. it i double click on any video icon in the right monitor to chose where to start or stop the video it also shows up white. the audio plays in the time line but no video shows up but it is there on video 1 time line. the left monitor works fine as i can drag any video from my computer and play it in the left monitor. i tried restoring the work space and when the monitor is in the right monitor with all the tools and time line it still shows up white with no video playing. i went to add media and re-loaded video in the project and when i put it in the time line it shows as white.

      i hope this explains what's happening and i hope you all might have a clue what to do.



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          There is a major known issue with Premiere Elements 10 on a computer that uses a NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics card. The only resolution is to roll back the driver version to about May 2013.  It is likely that the "asus geforce gtx970" is similarly affected.

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE10: NVIDIA Video Card Driver Roll Back

          The core problem in the NVIDIA GeForce and Premiere Elements 10 combo was never explored and/or defined publicly by NVIDIA or Adobe.

          So, from the Premiere Elements 10 side of things, I am not sure if it makes a difference to the known problem if the video card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or Asus GeForce GTX 970. GeForce GTX 970 cards from MSI and Asus reviewed - The Tech Report - Page 1


          For troubleshooting purposes, how far back can you roll back the Asus GeForce GTX 970 driver version. It is unlikely that you want to do that, and also unlikely that you will find a driver version old enough to make it work for you under the circumstances.


          What video card/graphics card and driver version were you using prior to installing the Asus GeForce GTX 970?



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            i just built this computer and i was using it's internal video displays which worked ok but stuttered so i thought a good video card would help that. I know about the geforce driver problem but i thought that it would only apply to the older graphics cards and not something newer.

            if i can find the older driver i wonder if it will work with this card? or if i should not even bother with this card? do you know of any graphics cards that work well with PrEl10?

            is PreEl10 the only one affected? I have 11 but don't like it as much as 10.

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              If you have Premiere Elements 11 on the same computer as Premiere Elements 10 and no problems with 11,  that is further suggestion that the GeForce card matter is involved with 10, be it called Asus or NVIDIA. Also, if Premiere Elements 10 worked before on your computer, determine if you can install the video card/graphics card you used - check out the driver version. Sometimes you can get at older drivers on your computer via Device Manager/Display Adapters/name of your card, Driver Tab, Roll Back. At Roll Back, select the choice "from the computer" which should show you the different driver versions available to you.


              From all reports to date, this Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce matter is specific to those two components. Premiere Elements 11, 12/12.1, 13/13.1, and 14 should not be affected by this issue.


              My video card/graphics card has typically been one built in card, Intel HD Graphics. AMD (ATI) cards work also I believe. Premiere Elements (any version) does not support CUDA. But, for 13/13.1 and 14, you can get Hardware Acceleration if you have the Intel HD Graphics 2000 and higher card and have its preference enabled in preferences.



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                it figures that the only problem would be with 10 as it is the only one that i like... drat !!!

                when you say that you only use the built in video card on your computer, it that good enough to get good playback while editing? how do i find out what graphics i have built in?

                i will download a trial version 14 and see if i like it... but i doubt it...

                i hate the idea of it but maybe i have to go to some other video editing program...

                do you think the ati card would work with 10? i can ship back the gtx970 and get a amd (ati) card ...

                i hope i'm not driving you crazy lol... you and steve are super at helping us ....

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                  Whatever video card/graphics card that your computer has installed should be listed under Device Manager/Display Adapters/. When you go there, how many cards are listed - one or two?


                  There is a marked change in workspaces going from 10 to later versions. You have probably seen that already having 10 and 11. But, there is a marked change in the sharing area going from Premiere Elements 11 to Premiere Elements 14....now Publish+Share is called Export & Share, and the sharing area layout is different. Also, if you do DV and HDV data capture firewire, that feature is removed in 13/13.1 and 14.


                  I have one computer (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit) which uses just a AMD video card/graphics card that came with the computer. If you do look at the AMD (ATI) cards, check out the web site. Those web sites usually have a support section which helps you decide on the card right for you technically and budget wise.


                  Please let me know if you need supplemental information on the above.


                  Thank you.




                  Add On...does the card description specifically state that it supports dual monitors?

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                    it's a shame for me that they changed the dual monitor system after 10... now it i have the premiere monitor on one monitor it has all the tools and on the other monitor it only has the time lines. so for example in 11 if i want to do a transition i have to drag it from one monitor to the other one.  that really is a drag ( pun intended). i don't know how long it would take to get used to 11 on up.the dual monitor works fine in 11 and in trial 14 so it must just be in 10.

                    my mother board is the Asus Z170-Deluxe with the Intel Z170 Express Chipset. it has dual monitors, one is HDMI the other is Display Port. I had them hooked up to DVI monitors using adapter cables. they worked like i wanted in 10 but doing multiple video tracks they stuttered sometimes and thats why i thought a video graphics card would help. Now i don't know if I should get rid of it and try a AMD graphics card with 10.   what do you think? 

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                      The Premiere Elements dual monitor option for versions after version 10 is markedly from those for versions 11 through 14.

                      ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: Dual Monitor Workflow Concerns

                      Re: PE11 Dual Monitor Workspace Concerns


                      If your video editing needs are not met in versions later than 10, that is a compelling argument to get around the Premiere Elements 10/NVIDIA GeForce issue by replacing the NVIDIA GeForce with a AMD (ATI) video card/graphics card. But there are pros and cons to the decision. If the pros vastly outweigh the cons, then the decision is made. But, if your schedule permits, you might want to give yourself a fixed amount of time in which you try to get use to version 14 or any version still available from 11 to 14. Then factor in the cost of a new version versus the cost of a new video card. If there are no other applications on the computer with video card/graphic card specifications, you do not need a super video card/graphics card for Premiere Elements ... (Premiere Elements does not support CUDA even in 14). Online resources such as the following may help in deciding which AMD video card/graphics card is best for you Professional Graphics Help Me Choose


                      With these card purchases, is there a safety net for a return/refund if you change you mind after purchase?



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                        You are the best! I guess I would try the amd card route first and see how that  goes. My second choice is that if I have to learn a new work flow I might chose a program that does use more of the cpu than the premiere line does. I hate to leave that family but..... life is about change they say. I will keep you posted and probably pestered with more questions to boot. Thanks ,Gene




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                          AT... i looked at the AMD site and it does not help at all as far as knowing which of their cards might work with PreEl 10.... has there been any discussions on here about this? I would much rather find a good AMD card and stick with 10 rather than learn new programs. i tried trail of 14 and it just splits up the work flow to two monitors making for a lot of back and forth. I also in the past got the Sxxx program and the Cyxxxxx program and they are ok and i COULD learn to work with them if i HAD to but 10 does everything that i need and i can work with it so nicely. if you know of any AMD cards that can handle multiple video tracks please let me know.



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                            There should not be any problems with the AMD cards. I was just suggesting that you find the best one for compatibility with your computer in general and your monitor setup.


                            I have a AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics in my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit that used to be Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit. Premiere Elements 10 works fine on that laptop before and after the upgrade to Windows 10. Right now I am using that setup dual monitor with the second monitor set to be a duplicate of the laptop's monitor.


                            I am not sure where the 6310 ranks in the video cards/graphic cards rankings.