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    preloader and linkage problem

    yogi bear
      I am using the preloader below on swfs being loaded to the main movie. The preloader didn't show until I delinked some jpgs in the swf to be loaded. Then the preloader worked fine. But on going to frame 2 "start" I have actionscript that creates a menu using jpgs. And now since they are not exported in the first frame can't be found. How does one get both the preloader to work and the jpgs or other assets that need to be link in the swf to work?


      Preloader code:

      onEnterFrame = function() {
      framesLoaded = (Math.ceil ((_parent.getBytesLoaded() / _parent.getBytesTotal()) * 100));
      gotoAndStop (framesLoaded);
      info_txt.text = framesLoaded + "% completed";
      if (framesLoaded >= 90) {
      _parent.gotoAndPlay ("start");
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          yogi bear Level 1
          I found a solution where one loads the assets that need to be attached on frame two as the preloader is stopped running on frame 1 When the movie has loaded the movie is assigned to gotoAndPlay(3) where the assets are available for use. I don't know if there is a better method.