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    "Error in I/O system"


      I have previously imported files from my Canon camcorder disks simply by dragging files to my Win 7 PC, but have then obviously lost same data. I’ve was therefore advised to use Premiere Elements, and have just installed a trial version. When I, however, try to open a file from my SD card in Elements, I got the message that the file couldn’t be opened due to an “error in the I/O system”, although I can drag files from the SD card to my hard disk and open files using Windows Movie Maker as I previously did. So why doesn’t Elements allow me to open files from my SD card? 

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          Premiere Elements 14 on Windows 7 (assumed 64 bit)

          Are these all video files or still files on the SD card?


          What are you using to import your file from your SD card into the Premiere Elements project

          Expert workspace -Add Media/Files and Folders/ Project Assets


          Expert workspace - Add Media/Videos from cameras or devices

          Expert workspace - Add media/Photos from cameras or devices?


          are you cascading windows and dragging a file from the SD into the opened Premiere Elements workspace

          or other?


          What is the exact wording of the error message that you get when you are doing what you are doing for the import?

          At any time are you getting a

          Importing file from Removable Media message which reads

          "You're trying to import a file from a DVD or Removable Media. Please use Video Importer for importing videos and Image Importer for importing images".


          You cannot drag a file from a SD card into a Premiere Elements project in its Expert or Quick workspace.


          Please give more information.


          Thank you.