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    I've About Had it With InDesign!!! Text Box Adjustment to Margin Change-Another One.

    mjblanco322 Level 1

      My frustration with InDesign CC2015 is growing by leaps and bounds. I have a major book layout project that I never should have taken. I made a huge assumption that the industry's premier layout program would 1. have an effective index tool and 2. have a liquid adjustment option that works. I am so frustrated!


      I selected all 160 pages in my book document and changed the margins. I clicked "enable layout adjustment" in doing so. None of the text boxes changed. I went back into "margins and Columns adjustment", unchecked "enable layout adjustment" and tried using "liquid layout", setting the options to "guides". Nothing. I went into my master pages, made sure that the margins in there were correct; made sure that there were text boxes the correct updated size and made sure that they applied to all of my pages. Nothing. I then went into the liquid layer option and selected "master pages". Nothing. I then made a new set of master pages, placed in slightly different margins, selected enable layout adjustment. Nothing. I THEN quit out of InDesign, reopened it and did it all again. This has taken me over an hour. Any suggestions before I kill this project, this computer and this choice of career?


      I don't mean to be so snarky, but I'm dying' here.