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    Audio Spectrum effect not working on rendered audio effects

    ojak Level 1

      The Audio Spectrum effect does not seems to be working on rendered audio effects.


      For example, I have a very simple comp with 2 layers:

      1. A Solid with the Audio Spectrum effect
      2. An audio file referenced by the Audio Spectrum


      The audio spectrum works as expected with the audio file, however, when I apply an 'Audio > Tone' effect to the audio layer (which completely changes the waveform), the Audio Spectrum solid doesn't change at all.  I've tried pre-comping the audio layer to bake in the Tone effect, but the results are inconsistent, as the first RAM preview seems to work, but then any changes to the Pre-comp don't seem to have any effect.


      Are there another ways to do this (other than exporting the audio file, which is too inflexible of a workflow), or maybe an audio rendering flag of some sort that I'm missing?  Thx.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want to apply the audio effect Tone to the audio file (don't know why you would want to do that) then you have to pre-compose the audio file moving all attributes then use the pre-comp as the source for audio spectrum. You simply need to change the render order. BTW, you'll probably also have to purge image cache.

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            ojak Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, although purging Image cache didn't work.


            I was pre-composing already, but any changes to the Pre-comp didn't register on the Audio Spectrum in the main comp, and unfortunately, purging the image cache didn't work.  But it got me thinking how the cache for audio may differ from image caching internally within AFX, so I tried purging "All Memory"... but that didn't work either.


            However, purging the "Disk Cache" did work (although it takes significantly longer).  I'm guessing it may have something to do with how audio is staged within the Disk Cache for RAM preview?  Anyhow, it's a bit of a tedious workflow to constantly have to purge disk cache after every effects modification on the audio, but it's certainly better than exporting audio files each time.


            Hopefully this is one of those issues that gets patched down the line.  Pointing me toward some sort of purging did help though, so thx for the feedback!