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    How to rename folders consistently?


      iMac 4K 32GB running LR CC by subscription.  Latest release of El Capitan.


      I have a hodgepodge of folder names. I was creating a unique folder for each shoot in Finder but then started letting LR create the folders. Now my folder name system is all messed up. Problem is, I can't rename them through LR.


      All my images are in an external drive in a folder named NIKON. Lightroom upon import creates a new subfolder in the folder I designate for the input. That subfolder is the year, and then it creates a subfolder to that one with the date as 2015-11-07


      The folders are displayed in LR like this example: 2015- Nikon/OklahomaCentennialBotanicalGarden   Yet the name and path of the folder in Finder is     Nikon>OklahomaCentennialBotanicalGarden>2015


      The name of that garden was changed to TulsaBotanicGarden. I need to rename the folder.  When I right click on that folder in LR named 2015- Nikon/OklahomaCentennialBotanicalGarden, the rename input box only has "2015" in it. I tried typing in the complete name like this:  2015 - Nikon/TulsaBotanicGarden.  Now it appears in Folder organizer as TulsaBotanicGarden and there's no "2015" in front of it, so it appears near the bottom of my list rather than with the other 2015 shoots. The image attached illustrates the two ways folders are listed in LR organizer. My selection was on the "2015 - NIKON/Family" folder and you can see what the Rename Folder box looks like when I right clicked that folder.Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.53.32 PM.jpg


      Renaming folders in LR is somewhere between confusing and irrational. I am otherwise an experienced LR user since V1. Is there some control that will display the folder tree in LR just like in Finder?



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          ViatheLens Level 1



          I think the problem may be more your confusion in naming your photos than how LR lets you name folders.  Why so many 2015 folders?  Why not just have one 2015 folder than all of your sub-folders after that?  I use that naming convention and it works fairly well for me.  I can access my photos very quickly.  I believe that since you are letting the program name your folders with a year it won't let you change that?  Since I do not use years/months for naming anything I am not sure about that.  You could simply create, from within LR (never work in the finder), a new folder and then drag whatever you want into that folder.  If you cannot rename a folder create a new folder, name it, and then drag it where you want it to go.  Delete any old folders that would then be empty. Each time you import simply import into a new folder you create upon import that is in that year or create that new folder in the folders panel prior to import.  You can also import directly from the folders panel into the folder of your choice.


          folder naming.png

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            If I can be of help here are some suggestions-

            1. Selecting the 'Add' option will always Import your images leaving them exactly in a folder where you placed them using the OS.

            2. With the 'Copy' option-You must always select a 'Master' destination folder as the location where you want to 'Copy' your images files.

            The folder you want must show in the Destination panel next to "Destination Folder" eg.  "2015"


            If you do not see   "2015 " here, then you must click on [Select] and use the windows file explorer dialog the select that FOLDER.

            Do NOT let it default to the root directory!


            3. Do NOT place a tick in [Into Subfolder :] as this complicates even further.

            (If you insist on naming your sub-folders as you want then- Yes,  check this box, but set [Organize :] to be "Into one folder" )


            4. Set [Organize] "By date"


            5. Set Date Format from the drop down box.

            Here is also where it gets complicated-

            Any date format with [/] in the format template means it will create a  folder/sub-folder  hierarchy.

            1. {2015/Nov}  would create for you    { 2015 / 2015 / Nov / image files }

            I suggest you only select date formats WITHOUT the [ / ] ( see those at the bottom of the list)


            {20151105}  would create for you   { 2015 / 20151105 / image files }

            {2015 November 05} would create for you   { 2015 / 2015 November 05 / image files}


            So to sumarize-

            1. Use 'Copy'
            2. SELECT the 'Master' Destination Folder  (2015?)
            3. Uncheck [Into Sub-folder]
            4. [Organize] "By Date"
            5. Set [Date Format] to a template WITHOUT a [/]


            My choice is for [Destination Folder] = 2015, with Date format "20151105"

            So my folder tree is like- 

            My Pictures


                         20151105 / image files- from 5th

                                                   20151106 / image files- 6th

                                               20151107 / imagefiles- 7th

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              snsok Level 1



              The list of folders beginning with "2015" were not my creation. They were created and listed that way by LR.


              For example, I did a shoot in Arkansas. I have a folder on my drive called "Arkansas. I specified that folder when I did the import into LR.  Lightroom auto-creates a dated subfolder under the current year within my Arkansas folder, which is one level below the root folder.


              But in LR, that folder is displayed not as "Arkansas" but instead as "2015 - NIKON/Arkansas".


              I don't see how to get the folders displayed just as they appear in Finder.


              I know some folks like to file by year, but I've liked filing by geography. Lightroom is doing that





              but it isn't displaying it that way in the organizer panel and I can't rename my folders from there.

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                snsok Level 1



                Thanks.  Previously, I would copy images from the camera card to the appropriate folder using Finder and then ADD them to LR. Then per a tutorial I saw, I started COPYing them from the card to the appropriate folder, renaming them along the way. That's when LR started displaying the files wth "year first" as in the snippet above.


                I would choose an established folder corresponding to the location of the shoot as the Destination folder and leave subfolder unchecked, then do the COPY.


                I got along with it OK until I wanted to rename one of the LR-created folders from within LR, and ran into the problem I mentioned above with renaming.


                I'd like to keep my folder structure with location first and then year and then date (25,000 images filed that way) but I would like the way LR displays them to look like what I see in Finder.

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Problem is, I can't rename them through LR.

                  I am curious to know why, as are you!

                  In my LR folders panel, I simply right-click on a folder, choose "rename", type the new folder name as I want it.


                  The Folder Panel in Lightroom displays folders as they exist in Finder.

                  The Folder Panel in Lightroom displays only the folders that contain images you have 'Imported'.

                  The name you have for a folder in Lightroom is the same as the folder name in Finder.

                  Moving Folders in the Lightroom Folder panel also moves them in Finder. (But never move or rename in Finder!!!)

                  The "Collections" panel bears no relationship to Folder structure whatsoever (unless you maybe create collections at import)


                  An Example-  I want to change the folder name of  "My Pictures PHOTOGRAPHERS"  to a new name- "PHOTOGRAPHERS"


                  So I right-click the folder- and choose "Rename..."


                  Type new name-


                  And Lightroom shows the new name- as does Finder (in my case it is Windows Explorer)


                  Notice the folder "GROUP" that appears in File Explorer, but not in Lightroom-  it does not contain any images!



                  If you want to re-organize your folder structure by moving folders to suitable locations- do it all in Lightroom. (Drag & Drop)

                  And you can also alter the format of folders in the Folder panel by a Right-click on the [ + ] in the Folder header-


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                    ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                    One of the big problems with the Folders panel is that by default it does not display the folder tree like Finder/Explorer does.

                    To properly see what the folder tree really looks like, right-click on a folder, select "show parent"; repeat as needed.

                    After you do this, you may discover that many of your folders containing images do not have the parent you thought they did.

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                      snsok Level 1



                      I previously never found that control to change the display format of the folders. When i choose Path from Volume, the display looks just like Finder:   NIKON/<place>/<date>


                      When I chose "Folder Name Only" the folders names appear nested under Year, which is not how Finder looks.



                      Show Parent didn't show my any misplaced child folders. When I do that with Folder Name Only, it doesn't actually show the parent folders, but still shows the Year as the top level folder--which they are not.


                      It looks like selecting "Path from Volume"  puts me back to a workable state. 


                      Thanks, everyone. Appreciated.

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                        WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                        Show Parent didn't show my any misplaced child folders. When I do that with Folder Name Only, it doesn't actually show the parent folders, but still shows the Year as the top level folder--which they are not.

                        To expand the answer from ManiacJoe-

                        The "Show Parent" option is not to show 'child' folders, but rather to show 'Parent' folders above those that are visible.

                        So a right-click on the very-top-most folder will show those 'above'. (A 'year' folder may have a parent 'My Pictures' )

                        Repeating this action on a top-most folder will eventually get to show your Mac-HD  (or C: drive in my windows-pc) with sub-folders.