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    CC Page Turn alignment/tearing


      Hello everyone.


      Working on a project for university and I seem to have encountered a problem that involves the Page Turn effect. I encountered this problem once before and was able to fix it but now my fix does not seem to be working.


      I have a single word of text that I'm wanting to page turn, which works perfectly fine at any view 100% or greater, but the moment I zoom out (or fit up to 100%) I get some really weird alignment issues with the page turn.


      My assignment is due on tuesday so I figure I'll work ahead on other parts of the project until I can get this, hopefully, figured out.


      Here's a link to an example of my problem: http://orig01.deviantart.net/d7c1/f/2015/311/e/4/untitled_by_jaderavenwing-d9fw21p.png

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          Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

          The view 100% ect. Is just for working, it will not effect your render.   Without knowing too much about whats going on a sure solution is to render out the page turn by itself and then bring it back in a as movie.  I usually pre-render as uncompressed quicktime with alpha channel.  Just make sure you render it large enough so you wont need to scale it up when you bring it back in as a .mov