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    My InDesign freezes every time I try to change the page size in Document Setup. The only solution seems to be to break down the 200 page book into 5 page chunks, change the page size, and merge them all back together (any more pages and it freezes).


      I'm not sure how to solve this.


      I've created a 5.25x8 document, and need to change it to 5.3x8 inches. Every time I try to make this page, InDesign freezes. I have16GB of ram and do not encounter an issue like this on any other program. Whenever I try to make the change, no other programs are open.


      The only solution that I've found is to make 30 separate documents, 5 pages each, change the page size, and then merge them all back together. This is creating a lot of errors. The other one is to create a new document with the larger page size, and copy each text frame one by one.


      How can I stop the program from freezing? It might actually prevent me from doing a hardcover version of the book -- it's totally impossible to change the page size.