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    Why, in Preferences, does it say that I have a "Trial " version of LR6 when I have purchased it?


      I am using Mac OS X Yosemite. I was experiencing crashes with LR6.2.whatever. It was suggested that I uninstall and reinstall to 6.1.1, which I did. In checking my settings in Preferences I find now that it is a trial version that I have, even though I checked "upgrade" in the appropriate place. I also plugged in the Serial #. Is there another LR box to simply, 1st) find and 2nd) download the LR6 Stand Alone for which I have already paid? if so, where is it?


      I tried contacting the "wizard" and was given a link to supposedly let me download LR6, but couldn't find a LR icon that wasn't a "trial". Also, as soon as I clicked on the link, the wizard page went missing, so continuing the question with that person was not an option. Now, only the forum is available.