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    Why doesn't my external harddrive show up in Library module (left column)?

    Jens Rydén

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      I have a really annoying proplem. My external harddrives doesn't show up the correct way in the library module. Please see the enclosed image, I want all drives to show up just like the internal harddrive (1. Macinthosh HD), you know like each harddrive has it's own "box" with the green dot prior the name of the drive.

      Right now, the only way to access the external harddrives is to dive deep into subfolders inside the internal harddrive, under the subfolder called "Volumes". Plese see note 2. on the image. (The name of the external harddrives are "DiskStation", "Jens Lightroom-disk" and "Seagate2TB".


      How can I solve this problem?


      I use Lightroom 6 and Mac OSX Yosemite.