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    Setting Default Camera


      I take quite a lot of shots using the wide angle end of my 17-50mm f2.8  Tamron lens. Every Time I need to correct lens distortion in a photograph I need to tell Lightroom which lens I have used, is there a way to tell Lightroom which lens to set as default? That would save me a lot of time.

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          robertz Level 1

          Do you want lens profile correction to automatically enable when you load the photo, or do you want your specific lens to be properly detected when you enable profile corrections?

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            dvanhoof Level 1

            Hi Robertz,

            When I import my pictures and the one I wan to print need some "lens correction" Every time I need to " enable" lens profile then select the lens from the list LR provides..

            Even when done for the first photograph I have to enable lens profiling again for the next photograph where I need to correct the lens distortion.

            Is there a way to set a default lens in Lightroom? I looked at both the preferences and catalogue preferences but could not locate a default setting for the lens, or is that wishful thinking on my part?

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              robertz Level 1

              First, it sounds like profile correction is not properly picking up your lens via the EXIF data.  Select a photo, enable profile correction, and then select the correct lens.


              Now, I can't remember the exact steps for this, but after you have the correct lens showing up, you right click on the word "default" (offer something like that) and you'll get an option to save the selected lens.  Next time you check the box on a photo that used that lens, it will properly detect your lens.

              As for automatically applying the proper profile correction for a bunch of photos you import, as far as I know you have to create a script took do that and run it after the import.  It's late, and I'm tired, so I'm forgetting the terminology for the "script". It's probably presets.

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                dvanhoof Level 1

                Dear Robertz,




                Thank you for that correct answer, it was a bit looking for the right thing but I found it thanks to your input. Once you have select that lens  you click on Custom then at the bottom is “set current lens as default”




                Job done




                Thanks again