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    LR 6.2.1 freezes and has to be stopped.


      New installed LR 6.2.1 on Windows 7 (upgrade from LR 5.6).

      Screen freezes totally and I have to stop LR. After restart it is not possible to use LR anymore.

      Uncheck the Graphics Processor (AMD Radeon HD 6570) - no difference

      Uncheck the Option "Show add photo screen" - no difference

      I have the newest software and drivers for the GPU.

      I am not sure, but it looks like the problems starts after importing new pictures into an existing LR-catalog. Before that it works fine.

      A new install doesn't solve the problem.

      Any suggestions?


      More info: I just tried upgrading LR 5.6 to LR 6.1.1 and I end up with the same problems.