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    Problem with sony slog 3 .ARW file on Lightroom CC 2015.2 camera raw 9.2

    davidet1911477 Level 1


      I just bought the brand new sony a7s II and I have this problem: when I put .arw files into LR everything works well, except for the fact that LR do this kind of auto-exposure-tuning on the pics so i see them like 2 or 3 stops darker than shooted.

      I got this problem when using slog2 or slog3 profile while shooting. Apparently LR does some sort of auto-exposure-tuning editing right after importing pics.

      The thing is that i just see this problem on LR, other softwares are displaying the images correctly as shooted.

      Somebody knows how to help on this?

      Thank you in advance,