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    Hash help

    xsane Level 1
      I was trying to script a function in coldfusion that does sha256 encryption using a shared secret value. Doesnt seem like this is possible using CF functions. Can someone please tell me how I can do this any ohter way using CF.
      So basically it takes 3 parameters data, sharedkey and the enncryption type kind of thing.

      I was trying to port some of the iTunes transfer script code for iTunesU to CF.

      Any help is highly appreciated.
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          xsane Level 1
          What i really need is a function or tag that can do hmac sha256 bit encryption in CF give it the data and a key.
          Does anyone know how that can be done?

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            xsane Level 1
            Well i solved my problem. I got a program called rehash that does commandline encryption and i just used cfexecute to run it and get the output from it. Just posting in case some one else has the same issue.
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              cf_dev2 Level 1

              Just curious .. I thought iTunesU was in java (Of course I could be wrong :) Couldn't you just use createObject() and use it directly in ColdFusion?
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                Can you please show me how you were able to use cfexecute to output the hash code and also to append the result to the iTunes credentials that were sent to you? We are looking into iTunes for our University also.

                We are a coldfusion environment - and iTunes only sent codes for Java, Perl and C#. It will greatly help us in our venture into the iTunes realm.

                Thank you,

                Sevor Klu