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    Name format in people view


      I have a large database of pictures and people names.  just upgraded from LR 4 to 6, so haven't dealt with face recognition before in this program.  Lightroom has done a pretty good job of attaching names to people, based on metadata created by Picasa.  But am running into one major problem.  I have used the name format:


      [last name][comma][first name].  When Lightroom went through the photos for the first time, it put the names in that format in the keyword listing with no problem.


      BUT....  when a face is not identified, and I try to attach to the keyword name, that contains the [comma], I get an error message: keyword tags are not allowed to use commas.  I find, of course, that I can change the [comma] to a [period] and that puts the name in just fine.  But now, everytime I identify a photo with an existing tag name, I create a duplicate name with a [period] instead of a [comma].  Can't figure out a good solution, other than slogging through every existing name...and I have about 1,000 of them, and changing all to a [period].  Second possibility is every time this occurs for a first time with a name, before I attach it to the picture, go to the keyname list, edit the name with a [period].  The ideal way would be to batch change all the keywords from [comma] to [period].  can that be done?


      would appreciate any ideas that would make this job easy



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          Unfortunately, there is no way to get LR to handle commas in keywords gracefully, as you've discovered.  It's barely acceptable at handling keywords containing spaces.  And there is no way to batch-edit existing keywords.


          A couple of options:


          - You could try the Any Tag plugin, which will handle commas in keywords.  But note that even with Any Tag, other aspects of LR have commas hardwired and could make life difficult for you, e.g. searching with filters and smart collections.


          - If you haven't done much work yet in LR, you could start over.  Use Exiftool to process all of the keywords and face names in your Picasa photos, changing "," to "-".  Then import them into LR.  But this would take a fair degree of sophistication in writing the appropriate scripts to use Exiftool.


          - Manually edit each keyword in turn.  :-<