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    InDesign freezes everytime I have worked in a network environment


      Well, hello everybody.


      Since I upgraded to Indesign CC 2015 InDesign keeps freezing on my MacBook when I have worked on documents which happen to be on a Network-Server.

      When I come home and want to do some things here InDesign starts freezin (after 5min or so of the rainbow-wheel) it finally unfreezes and lets me use it.


      This only happens when in the list of the "Last used documents" are some files that happen to be on a network / remote server.

      If I opend ten or so documents which are on my computer InDesign works without freezing.


      That's fine, but it can't be the solution.

      It's especcially annoying if you forgot that you worked on documents on a network.

      You want to creat a new document: Menu - FAIL / Cmd+N WORKS

      But if you want to write your PDFs... This is especially driving me nuts... Rainbow-wheely


      Can I erase, everytime I close InDesign, the "Last Documents used" or does someone from you or Adobe has another answer / solution?


      Thanks for reading.

      Greets Tim