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    ES: run external app

    rombanks Level 1

      Hello fellows,


      I wonder if there is a way in ES to launch an external application (e.g., Acrobat) with a specified path to the PDF file?

      I read about cross-DOM functions in the JS tools guide, but it's not clear where is the shared start up folder where a script with a call to acrobat.open should be put.


      Do you have any input on that?


      Thank you!

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          Klaus Göbel Level 3

          Hi rombanks


          have a look at the Javascript tools file (around page 52):



          fileObj.execute ()

          Opens this file using the appropriate application, as if it had been double-clicked in a file browser.

          You can use this method to run scripts, launch applications, and so on.

          Returns true immediately if the application launch was successful.


          This works for me:


          var cFileName = YourPath + "/FM2015_mifref.pdf";
          var cFile = new File (cFileName);
          if (cFile.exists)
               alert ("File not found : " + cFileName);
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            rombanks Level 1

            Hi Klaus,


            Thank you very much for your input! I just did not realize that I had to define the file as an object. I thought a variable with the filename/path is enough.


            Thanks for your help!