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    Texture problem with alpha channel

      on createMySphere
      sr= p3d.newModelResource("mySphere01", #sphere)
      s = p3d.newModel("s", sr)
      s.transform.position = vector (0,0,0)
      s.shader = p3d.newShader("sShdr2", #standard)
      txS= p3d.newTexture("txS", #fromcastmember, member("image"))
      s.shader.textureList[1] = txS
      sr.radius = 100
      sr.resolution =60

      im using png image format for textures, because i want to make user to its alpha channel. The problem comes when the image has the alpha, The sphere disappears no matter how the alpha is painted.
      how do i make use of the alpha channel, it doesn't even have to be in the same image.