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    Lightroom CC Locking Up on Mac

    Kenn Doyle

      Ive just recently went to Lightroom CC from my desktop version on my 10.10.5 MacBook Pro. I've had a number of issues with Catalogs etc and now I have the following issue.


      When trying to import images, it takes up to 20 minutes for Lightroom to com back to allow me to point it to a folder. That process also can be 15-20 minutes. I suspect the only thing I can do is uninstall and reinstall the software using the CC console:

      Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.17.57 PM.png

      My questions are:


      1) Is this the proper course of action

      2) are there any house keeping issues I should do before uninstall

      3) I can reinstall from the same CC console, correct?

      4) any other suggestions to make my life easier would be openly accepted