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    oh-oh, I think I fried my system - what to replace it with

    getho Level 2

      Overclocking newb + crappy watercooler = PC that wont boot 3 times out of 4.  I'll do a ram check but i think it might be time for something new:


      Its a xeon x5650 which I've had running between 3300 and 3800Mhz.  gtx970. 12gb fast (7-7-7-21) ram.  I was trying to wait for haswell-E but I'm not going to make it.  i found this site:



      Which seems to suggest the skylake i7-6700 will at least keep up with the xeon, but have no idea if their benchmarks include the sort of workloads that video editing place on a system.  Skylake at least will allow me to think about getting a couple of M2 SSDs.  Currently editing 4k is painful - unless I resize it on the timeline (any zooms or reframing and I get nowhere near 25fps).