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    Hyperlinks to URLs, not broken, just the URL in the link panel disappears... HELP! I don't want to have to keep copying and pasting links everytime I update the document


      I created a listings booklet for a real estate that I update every week. I Have two: One for Print & One Interactive one that gets sent via email.

      I Have noticed that links keep disappearing, is tedious to keep putting them back in. I'm just wondering what is going on and how I can avoid it.

      I Have two different types of hyperlinks in my document, one for going to pages which is only on the contents page, and then I have hyperlinks on every listing which take them to a Webpage. Last week my page links disappeared and so i fixed them, this time its my URL hyperlinks that have disappeared. The URL in the box where you edit it, just disappear. Please help me solve this problem. I use the hyperlinks and not buttons because the buttons don't work as well if i save it as a PDF.