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    Edit images on laptop, sync back to hard drive


      I'm currently using LR5 but will soon upgrade to CC.


      I use one mater catalog that contains nearly 2TB of images. The data is all on an external hard drive so that I can move it between desktop and laptop (both operating Windows 7), but this is tedious because the external hard drive has to be plugged into a power source, which more or less turns the laptop into a desktop. I would love to be able to do the following:


      Copy a batch of images from the hard drive onto my laptop, edit these photos while I'm out and about (including deleting some, editing others, etc.), and then sync the batch of images with their edits back to the master catalog on the hard drive when I return to the office. Images that were deleted on the laptop would be deleted from the hard drive, edits would be transferred to the hard drive, etc. Then I would delete everything from the laptop to create space for the next batch of images, and repeat the process. This way I could take advantage of using a laptop and could edit images on the train, on a park bench, etc. 


      Can this be done?  If so, how? Thanks!