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    Preloader kickin my bu*t

    Jeff_Hight Level 1
      I know this is old school, and I'm actually embarassed to have to come to the boards with a preloader issue, but.....
      I just recently switched over to F8 and have built a movie that is huge. It contains a ton of embedded fonts. I've built
      a zillion preloaders, but have never run into this situation. I've put my normal AS in the frames to test for bytesloaded, ect.
      But when I run the movie, using the bandwidth profiler, it shows that it's preloading the entire movie from "Frame 0"?? and preloads the entire thing there and never gets to my code. I've looked through all the publish settings etc. and can't find
      anything like "auto-preloader" or anything like that. Flash has taken over! Should I set possessed=0? lol

      As always, any help would be greatly appreciated,
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          all items that are being exported for actionscript are usually loaded before any code (in frame 1 or anywhere else) executes. so, for a preloader to be effective in a swf with lots of fonts you have two options one of which is much more work than the other.

          the easy way is to create a new fla file that will contain one loadMovieNum() statement to load your huge movie into a _level (other than zero, for example loadMovieNum("huge.swf",1) ) and preloader code, graphics and text to entertain your user while your huge movie loads. instead of using targetMC.getBytesLoaded() etc you'll use _level1.getBytesLoaded() etc.