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    Cheap Flex2 Web Hosting

      Flex2 Web hosting

      I have just created my first Flex 2 application and I would like to deploy it. Any suggestions for a cheap web hosting that accept Flex 2 application?

      Thank you
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          if you dont use flex data services, all you should have to do is put it up on any hosting company... all it is, is a .swf file...
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            lprian Level 1
            Thanks for your prompt answer

            Sorry but i am still confused...(not an expert as you can see).
            The app i created uses coldfusion to access data from an Access Database using CF component. My understanding is that the web hosting need to provide at last and MX 7. Isn't that true? Maybe my message was not to clear

            Let me know what you think

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              Luca, you are correct, the providor will need CF 7.0.2 installed, and I think you will also need to know the location of where the flex gateway was installed, for your project file, when creating the app (it will tell the SWF where to look for the gateway on the hosted server).

              My user group uses CFDynamics, but I haven't integrated Flex up there yet. Ben Forta's blog has a list of CF isp's, that's probably a good place to start. http://www.forta.com/cf/isp/

              If I find any more information I'll reply here.


              p.s., as a quick workaround, if you don't get any immediate help, you can create a web service on your hosted site, and pass the information that way - I know, it's a second best solution, really.

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                article man

                Flex 2 applications are accepted by most website hosting companies however there are some that dont accept this.

                most of the newer hosting companies accept Flex 2.


                Try checking on Hostgator,I think they accent Flex2,but you can always ask their support team for more Info.

                To my memory they do accept Flex2.


                you can check out a hostgator review too,I think something's mentioned In context to Flex2 there.