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    remove comma  from index package

    jsem Level 1

      hello i removed all comma Punctuation from packxml.js for example :

      <wd nm=\"مخفية،\" rd=\"471,0:23351:0|1084,0:27251:0\"/>

      using find and replace tools converted to :

      <wd nm=\"مخفية\" rd=\"471,0:23351:0|1084,0:27251:0\"/>

      but now i have two string contain the text "مخفية" in different locations like so :

      <wd nm=\"مخفية\" rd=\"471,0:23351:0|1084,0:27251:0\"/>


      <wd nm=\"مخفية\" rd=\"1243,0:5338:0|1244,0:31737:0\"/>


      the search script chooses only one of them i can modify it manually to merge two tags in one like this:

      <wd nm=\"مخفية\" rd=\"1243,0:5338:0|1244,0:31737:0|1243,0:5338:0|1244,0:31737:0\"/>


      but i have too Manny string cant modify it manually so how can i detect the same string in in different tags <wd nm> ??

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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          Why are you changing to the package_xxx.xml files? This is a search index and if you manually change the files, you will probably break the search function. If you tell us what you are trying to achieve, we may be able to provide a better way to do it.

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            jsem Level 1

            I'm modifying the index because the sub-string search function in new version of Robohelp in my machine doesn't work when i select search sub-string option it's corrupt my index Idk why the old version works fine, however  i use both the old version to index sub-string search and the new version for interface and skin...


            what i was trying to do is remove all Punctuation  marks from index  that words may have  two tags"wd" had the same "nm" id it will take only the first and ignore the other i want modify the search script to read "nm" ID even if there is more than on had the same "nm" string with different record words location.

            also i manged  to modify the highlighter function to be lenient and diacritic insensitive so now i can match words like Arabic with diacritic i hope the next version of Robohelp have this feature .. thanks

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              Willam van Weelden Level 5

              I see. Please file a bug report with Adobe: http://www.adobe.com/products/wishform.html


              You can  disable substring search in RoboHelp, but I'm not sure if that is an acceptable workaround. If you want to modify the index file really bad, can you use a script or automation solution to do the work for you? You'll need some heavyweight postprocessing to merge the different tags (over different package files). You'll have more chance finding a solution by asking your developers than asking in this user forum.

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                jsem Level 1

                yes  I'm using find and replace tool already for my attempt but i was hoping one of  developers in this forum give me some hints of what i described earlier

                thanks anyway for responding..