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    When can we expect the Preview 3 release?


      I'm just wondering when Character Animator Preview 3 might be released and what features may be included?


      I'm working on my first big animation project with Preview 2 and, while it's going really well, here are few ideas for things I'd love to see in an upcoming version:

      • The ability to export keyframes for further tweaking in After Effects

      • Full body capture

      • Smarter arm animation (the arms kind of bend weirdly when raised up abover the character's head)

      • Adjustable composition settings (set timeline duration, frame rate, resolution, etc)

      • 4K Support



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          MeredithY Adobe Employee

          Hi Peter,


          Thanks for your interest in Character Animator and your requests for the additional features - I will add each of them

          to our database. I can also add:

          * We hope to have Preview 3 ready for you by the end of this month

          * Look for the new "sticks" feature in Preview 3 to help with bendy arms

          * Scene duration, dimensions, and framerate can already be set in the properties panel when you select the scene in the project panel; should work for 4K already too