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    Indesign CC constant lag while typing (unless I turn off internet)




      I am experiencing some very annoying lag in InDesign ever since our company's network architecture changed.

      While typing, each 2 seconds (almost on the clock), the application shortly freezes, doesn't display the typed characters and then resumes whereby all characters suddenly appear.


      The reason I mention the network change is because when I turn off the Network Adapter, these problems do not occur.

      Recently, we have migrated to a company network whereby our personal Users directory on Windows (C:/Users/userx) is synchronized with an online server.


      I have attempted the following (but problems persist)

      - Roll back InDesign to 11.0 (from 11.1)

      - Clear all preferences

      - Reinstall

      - Create a clean, empty document and started typing in that


      Online, I encountered similar statements about the problem, but without solutions:

      Hi, everyone,

      Just wanted to tell you my observations on the “speed” of the welcome screen of InDesign and its connection to the internet available:

      1. If I disable the network adapter of the computer everything goes extremely quick;"


      Could anyone point me to the origin of this lag? Unfortunately we cannot change the network structure but perform it has something to do with Auto-saves ? A scratch disk ? Any file operation setting that I can change the path for ? (and choose a path that is not synchronized online).


      Thanks in advance