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    Is there a way to automate the export of my InDesign File to multiple PDF's with different export settings?

    bigfish2224 Level 1

      Ok, so not sure if this can be done but it would be a great time saver for me if possible, so I'm throwing it out there.

      I frequently work on spec sheets at work in InDesign and when I'm done, I have preset PDF export settings for Print and for Web. The print one has all the bleed and printer marks, and the web one, well...you get the idea.

      Right now I need to run the exports separately; so I do my export for a Print PDF...and then I do my export for a Web-optimized PDF.

      These are separate tasks, but surely there must be a script or some other way to get InDesign to just export both PDF's at the same time, respecting the presets they are assigned.


      How can I do this?