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    LR 6.2.1 panorama error with Leica M9/M-E DNGs




      I'm using LR6.2.1 on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5.

      After upgrading to LR 6.2.1 it isn't possible to create a panorama with Leica M9/M-E DNGs anymore. Had no problem with all versions until 6.2.1.


      The preview and the exported picture ist completely black. (Tried GPU on/off. According to the exported filesize it is really only black - so it seems not to be a display problem.)


      I did some tests:

      After exporting the out-of-camera DNGs with DXO to DNGs again, i could import the DNGs and the panorama function works!

      Looks like LR 6.2.1 doesn't work with the original Leica DNGs anymore for panoramas, but works with "standard"-DNGs.


      I  would appreciate any help or info.