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    Cannot view video embedded in PDF with Acrobat Reader because Edge prevents install.


      I have a Dell tablet running Windows 10 and Edge of course.  I have installed the latest version of Acrobat Reader and can open PDFs fine.  However, the embedded video content will not play because, as Acrobat Reader states, I need to install Flash.  Unfortunately, when accessing the Flash download page, Edge gives me the message that Flash is build into Edge and that I do not need to install Flash.

      -Flash is turned ON within Edge and displays web-based flash content just fine.

      -I need to view flash content from within Acrobat Reader, not Edge.  Edge WILL display the PDF, but will NOT play the embedded video either.

      -Edge doesn't want to let me install another copy of flash.

      -I want to be able to view PDFs from within Acrobat Reader and have Reader work with the embedded flash video content.


      Do I need to download the installer on a different machine and copy it over to the tablet to force the install, or is there a more elegant way of going about making this work like it should?