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    I would like to delete my Adobe ID so that I can create a new one.  Reason: getting an error message when I try to download an ebook to my Kobo Touch.


      My local library changed the method for downloading ebooks to ADE.  I installed ADE and in the first box to create an ID was a drop down list of licensee sources.  The library failed to say that I had to select "Overdrive". I left the box blank.  Now, when I try to download an ebook, I get an error message which seems to indicate that I do not have a licence to download that book.  I have uninstalled ADE and will install latest version 4.? and create a new ID but would prefer to delete the old ID first.  I also have a problem, I believe, with deauthorising my desktop PC.  Am I better to use my laptop for the new install?

      Many thanks for any help/suggestions.