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    Lightroom 6 / El Capitan Question


      I am a very light user. I only run Light room. I currently have light room 4 installed on my iMac. I am buying a new iMac which will run El Capitan. I was considering purchasing light room 6. Will this run well on my new operating system. Will I easily be able to import my existing files with all my work into the new program safely?  Since I only use light room is there any advantage to me using the creative cloud versus installing the standalone?

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          Megha Rawat Adobe Employee
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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Lightroom 6 is "supposed" to run on El Capitan. However, at the present time there are some issues that hopefully will be resolved with the next update. There is no word as to when that update will be released. But it should be soon.



              Switching to a new computer should be no problem. You would want to copy your entire image library to the new computer as well as the catalog you have been using with Lightroom 4. After you install Lightroom 6 and try to open your old catalog, Lightroom will see that it was created with an older version and will prompt you to update the catalog. You should allow this to happen. After the catalog has been updated you will have the new copy as well as the original copy on your hard drive. The update should happen seamlessly. After the update has completed you should be able to continue working in the Lightroom 6 in the same manner that you have been working in the past.



              The main advantage of having the creative cloud is that you will receive more frequent feature updates. Lightroom 6 does not have the dehaze filter, and it doesn't have the blacks/whites adjustments in the adjustment brush or the gradient filter. It is expected that those features will be included when Lightroom 7 is released. But I suspect that will not be for at least another year. The other advantage of having the creative cloud is that you would be able to use Lightroom Mobile to share your images and to work on them on your mobile devices. The disadvantage is that you must pay a monthly or annual fee to have the creative cloud version. Whether or not that is something of value to you is a decision that only you can make.