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    How do I install lightroom without CC?


      Have had lightroom for quite a number of years nor and recently updated to version 6. All seemed to be OK until the latest update when creative cloud seems to have wormed its way in. I specifically brought the standalone version so I could use it stand alone and not have to have CC installed.


      I now have lightroom CC installed - I'm getting pestered for the mobile service sign in every time I long in and to top it off the import dialogue has now changed beyond recognition and is useless, slow and hardly any features!



      How do I get the non-CC version.

      How do I prevent being nagged for the mobile service log in.

      How do I get the old import dialogue back.


      And if all the above is not possible


      How do I get my money back?


      PS Abode support sucks I was looking for over an hour for contact details and need up here.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you certain that you have Lightroom CC installed? If you click on the identity plate you should find a place to pause Lightroom Mobile. Then you won't receive that message anymore.

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            deepakg1988 Adobe Employee


            Please go to the below mentioned Link.

            You will be able to download Lightroom 6

            Download Photoshop Lightroom


            * before installing the Lightroom please uninstall the Creative cloud and Lightroom CC from the computer



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              richardf39347417 Level 1

              Thanks for the replay, have already tried most of the above, but just tried again to make sure.


              I  uninstalled everything adobe, forcibly in some cases (CC would not uninstall as it said app needed to be installed first - there was none installed).

              I did downloaded 6.0 from the link above (took a while to find first time around) and then had 6.0 installed with no issues. The mobile app was paused OK.

              I could not update as it says creative cloud is required to resolved this problem when I click on the update button.

              If I update from the above link and download 6.2.1 then I start getting nagged for the mobile service each time Lightroom starts up.


              At present working OK on 6.0 but can't upgrade without get the CC nag and the new import dialogue.



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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Where is the nag about LR Mobile showing up, in the top-left, or as a popup over the top of the main area?  If the nag is at the top left then hover over the nag, click the little triangle that becomes visible and choose different contents for your identity plate, including the LR version or custom text that could be your name.


                Be aware that LR 6 and LR CC 2015 are exactly the same program.  When you first install it you have a trial of LR CC 2015. 


                You convert this CC trial to 6 if you license it with a serial number and you get CC if you license it with an AdobeID that you’ve purchased a CC subscription with.  And with version 6, even if you register it with a serial number, you still need to sign in to verify that you’re only installing it in two places.  


                In previous versions of LR, without this sign-in you could install it any number of times so Adobe has tighten up that check to require a sign-in. 


                It’s not clear from your description that you’ve purchased a LR 6 serial number and entered it into the program after install, nor that when you say you have to sign-in to CC that you’re not just having to sign-in to verify you’re not using more than two copies with the same serial number.

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                  richardf39347417 Level 1

                  I have indeed purchased the LR6 licence (an upgrade from 5). The nag screen is a pop up that asks me to sign into the mobile sync (I can remember as I've downgraded to 6.0). 6.0 still has the stuff at the top left of the screen but shows as Trial expired + paused and thats all - no popups!


                  I will update again and see what happens.

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                    richardf39347417 Level 1


                    Re-installed everything unto version 6.2.1 and the nag popup has finally stopped - yes! But, I'm have nothing but problems with 6.2+

                    1) The horrible import dialogue (but that could be just me!)

                    2) Comes up with no photos found when synchronising a folder that I know has images.

                    3) Crashes completely when moving folders around.

                    4) Cleared and reinstalled twice to see if it was something I was doing.

                    Had to revert back to 6.1.1 to get a stable system.

                    Never had any issues with light room (using since V2) until now - very disappointing.