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    Adobe Presenter Font Size Issues

      I'm using Adobe Presenter 7.0.2 (downloaded latest patch) and Powerpoint 2007. For whatever reason, on export, my 24 point Arial font is not mapped to 24 point font. When I create a brand new PPTX file, the font mapping works fine and strangely enough, when I open another PPTX, create 24 point Arial font and then copy paste into my PPTX file that is not exporting font size correctly, the font looks the same as my existing font, but, on export the exising 24 point font appears to be about size 16 and the copied/pasted font from another PPTX displays correctly.

      Another oddity: When I save this file to 97-2000 export using Presenter, all of the font sizes work fine, but, my .wmf background is badly pixelated then.

      Any ideas on the font mapping?