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    Do I need to do something special for mobile?


      I'm testing an animation and it displays properly on desktop but only a play symbol shows up on Chrome on an iphone 6. http://zaksportfolio.com/podify

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          jhtmk Level 3

          It looks like the animation includes 2 videos?


          You can't autoplay video on mobile including iPad, it's an apple limitation to prevent data usage (or something along those lines) video and audio has to be user initiated.


          The videos don't look very intricate and they are very small, you could convert the videos to an image sequence for mobile - no one would know the difference and would play fine on a mobile device.

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            zkman11 Level 1

            Ok thanks, I wasn't sure if that limitation was just for Safari or any browser on an Apple device. Looks like I'll go the image sequence route for mobile displays. Wonder if that means i'll need to recreate this in After Effects or if there's an easy capture convert method - question for another community I wager.

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              jhtmk Level 3

              Hey Zak,


              You don't need to recreate the entire project in AE, I don't know how your Edge composItion is set up but the video looks very small and short in duration. I would import the video file into AE, export as image sequences. Import into flash, and export those images in the sequence as a "sprite sheet for edge animate"


              Then simply import that sprite sheet directly into Edge!




              Keep all sizes to a minimum to ensure the sprite sheet is created correctly (it can be a bit buggy, trim video length and dimensions as much as possible, the less frames and smaller the dimensions of the frames the better)


              When you import into flash you should be able to import just one frame and it will detect it is a sequence (if all frames are in a folder and you haven't changed the numbering) the images appear in a panel on the right hand side and you can select them, right click and create sprite sheet (you can make it specifically for AN in FL it will create the necessary EAS file) However I've found that if you actually save the file as a flash movie first and re-open it and then select the images and create the sprite sheet as above it works a lot better.


              Don't forget to load the EAS file as you import into Edge (this tells edge how to work it)


              Like I said, I've found it to be a little bit buggy - and sometimes you have to rearrange individual frames a bit when it's in Edge - but that's the beauty, you have a lot of control over it's timeline within Edge, just like any other symbol.


              You could also set up a media query within edge and swap out symbols (video or sprite sheet) based on mobile or even device width etc.


              Hope this helps, project is looking great by the way.